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Power Fist with Chain. Artistic expression of strength and pride. Shona Stone.
Made in Zimbabwe. Size: 24x12x9. Price:  $5000.


Three Large Masks from West Africa.
Assorted wood. Left: Beige/Rust triangle. Upper Volta. $225.
Center: Dark Brown with Beard. Ivory Coast. $350. 
Right: Antique Mask with Feathers.  Ivory Coast.  $550

Mixed  Art from West Africa. Straw Mats $60, Statue $195,
Drum $350, Antique Helmet Mask  $875

Yoruba Mother Kneeling with Child. Offering bowl represents friendship and has a
 removable lid (chicken figure).Wood carving. Nigeria. Ht 17 in. Price $675.

Female Busts. Separate. Each figure is hand carved with unique features.
Shona Stone.  Zimbabwe. Lady with bun: Ht 8 in $365.  Lady with head tie: Ht 10 in.  $450.

Female with Fruit Basket. Handmade with colorful seed beads.  Nigeria. Ht 18 x 24 in.  $800.

Mother and Child with Bowl. Hand carved. Shona Stone.  Zimbabwe. Ht 20x16x4. $4500


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