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Our Philosophy:
Established in 1992, AFAR Creations (American Roots with African Roots) was founded on the belief that we are fundamentally a global village, more connected by our commonalities than divided by our differences.

AFAR Creations equals couture and culture, a cross-cultural collage of African, Asian and American influences, that offer the quality-concious client a distinct cultural fashion experience.  With more that 20 years of professional experience in the fashion industry, AFAR founders, Delton Williams, designer/tallor and Anne Williams, CEO, recognize fashion to be a unifying force, drawing on their own rich heritage of community, creativity and craftsmanship to develop the AFAR line of artistic apparel.

Our Team:
The designers and tailors on our team are available to assist you in creating an exciting fashion image which projects your unique beauty and identity.  Entertainers and artists of stage, film, and television proudly adorn clothing and accessories made by AFAR Creations.  Satisfied customers from every walk of life provide compelling stories of how AFAR Creations' designs have enhanced their fashion image and inspired their lives.

Come to AFAR Creations, you too will be impressed ... we are proud to serve you!


The Music They Played on 7th Street
Oakland Walk of Fame
— "The Harlem of the West Coast" —

* Inside Oakland: Williams, 57, who has created fashions for some of Motown's biggest stars, now owns AFAR Clothing Design, an Oakland enterprise whose name is an appropriate fit for its unusual line.

AFAR stands for American Fruit with African Roots. The name is a description of Williams himself, who is the product or ``fruit'' of Africans in this country, rooted in that tradition but also an integral part of American culture.

Oakland WIKI: "I wanted to be a world-renowned designer, which was unheard of for a black man, but it didn't hurt to dream." - Henry Delton Williams

* Interview with fashion designer Henry Delton Williams: Henry Delton Williams discusses his family's migration from Louisiana and growing up in Oakland during the 1940s, protests to form a Black Student Union at Oakland High School, his love of gospel music, the joy of giving back, Slim Jenkins' nightclub and the music scene on 7th St., and his career as a fashion designer.

Freda Charcilia Payne is an American singer and actress.  She is said to be best known for her music career between the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.  Her notable 1970 hit single, "Band of Gold" is legendary.  Freda was also an actress in musicals and film, and hosted a TV talk show.  Much of her wardrobe was designed by Henry Delton Williams.

Freda is also Henry's cousin, and her sister, Scherrie Payne, is Freda's baby sister.  Scherrie was a member of "The Supremes," now called, "FLOS - Former Ladies Of Supremes."  Delton also designed for them.

Their sister, Francis Grey, is an Actress, Dancer, and Comedian ... also a cousin to Delton

FROM THE VAULTS (Photo Credit)


Fred Williamson, known as “The Hammer”.  Fred is an American actor, as well as a former professional American football defensive back.  He mainly played in the Football League during the 1960's.  Delton was the wardrobe man on many of his films, like "No Way Out," "One Down Two To Go," "Boozin! Brawlin! Blastin," and "Mean Johnny Barrows."


Janie Bradford is an American songwriter, most known for her tenure with Motown.  Janie co-wrote "Money" with Berry Gordy.  It was originally recorded by Barrett Strong, then by The Beatles on their second album.  The Rolling Stones' also had "Money" on their first UK EP.

Janie is Founder/CEO of the HAL AWARDS Scholarship Fund.  Delton is/was one of her designers.




Honey Cone, was an American female RnB Soul Trio based in Los Angeles between 1968 - 1973.  Their hit song from 1971 record, “Want Ads,” was a number-one Billboard Hot 100 single.  Delton had the pleasure designing some of their wardrobe.


Here is a Classic Photo of Music Legends Terrible Tom Bowden & Aretha Franklin performing in Hollywood (mid 1970s) The Livingstons Archives.



Mormon Temple, Oakland, California
In Honor of Black History Month
Delton Williams Recognition



1968 Delton got together with a chemist to develop a hair product consisting of a Oil Sheen and Conditioner for afro hair. It was a successful endeavor, however, due to cost production, major companies saw the potential in the product and developed their own. He was the first person to bring this wonderful creation to market.


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